How safe do you feel when driving in today’s traffic?

Step 3
B: Problem-solve with drivers who, like you, want get up to date with the rules of the road, new technology and coping better with today’s traffic. Instructive, yet informal.
Step 1 A: Get practical, friendly advice, whilst you drive your own car. No testing involved.
C/D: Get the best out of your car, by advancing your driving skills as far as you want to go, from Advanced Driver to Masters’- the ultimate UK public driver standard.
A: I don’t feel as confident as I used to. Traffic conditions and other road users worry me. Help!
B: I’ve been driving for years, but haven’t been tested since I got my first licence. I need to get up to date before anything serious happens.
C: So far, I’ve stayed clear of major accidents. However, the traffic has got much worse, so I need to advance my driving skills
D: I think I’m a careful driver but, with new technology, I know I could improve if I got some advanced level of training
Step 2
Take steps now, to feel more confident and in control. We’re here to help you, every step of the way . . .
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